African Tents- A dive in Ancient Camping Style

You must have seen TV shows broadcasted on Wildlife channels such as National Geographic or Discovery where the show host is spending time in the middle of forests and deserts. Especially, those shows in which the area of Sahara Desert is shown. The shelter they use to stay is either a bunch of Mobile Tents or a couple of African Tents(if the crew is larger). Well, it seems pretty dangerous to see a crew living in a place where there is so much risk of wildlife and a shelter is just made of canvas, rods etc. Well, despite being a very open kinda shelter, the African Tents absorbs lots of ways to secure themselves from the wildlife. Even, when ancient human used to live in these tents they had multiple ways through which they used to save themselves as well as their tents. Also, an African tent is not only a single type of tent. It holds varieties of the tent inside. Like, an African tent could be a very simple one or luxurious but very safe(for Safari) or it can be very luxurious like cottage tents(for Resorts). Though, the real fun of African tents is when you get to use them while camping in remote places. Like some remote forest, Sahara desert or Thar desert, etc. Traditional African Tents were made to maintain a good flow of air and they were not much advised to use in Snowy areas with very low temperature. But, with the advancement of technology, mankind has even evolved in Tents and that resulted in all-round usage of African Tents as well. So, let us know more about African Tents and the experience they provide.

Now, what is exactly an African Tent?
How does it look like?

Well, African Tents are a type of shelter used for camping in remote areas since a very old time. This type of tent became famous as African Tents because they were majorly used in Africa and even now at remote places of Sahara or some other parts of Africa.
As I have said above an African Tent can be very simple to very luxurious depending upon the usage. For Safaris, mainly a very safer version of African Tents are used to keep the risk of Wildlife at bay. An African Tent in older times was mainly made by using ropes, bamboo or other sturdy sticks. And obviously, the canvas will be used. But canvas in earlier times was not in existence. So, they used to apply broader leaves or stitched leaves from trees. Even animal skin was used in some places in Africa at that time. But, now there is almost no tent which is made like this. Every other tent, even in Africa is made by using good quality of the canvas and bamboo/rods with sturdier ropes.
How an African Tent looks from outside and inside completely depends upon the type of tent.
For example, if you are out on a Safari and for staying In a remote desert you are using a tent then it will look like any other normal tent with loaded security and fireplace outside(if needed). There are no lights but lanterns. Though, some people have started avoiding vintage-style lanterns and are using electric torches and electric lamps. But even nowadays, some wise people keep at least one fireplace around themselves to avoid the risk of Wildlife attacks. The interior of an African Tent(Safari) is much similar than any other tent but if very much focused on the theme then it will have lanterns inside rather than electric lamps.
Now, what if we are staying in African Tents made in Resorts?
How do they look like?
So, African Tents which are made in Resorts are very exotic. Some resorts do make it stick much on the theme and electric lamps, as well as modern technology, is avoided. But, if something is very much needed to not harm the experience of the tourists then the resort staff will modify their theme. African Tent in Resorts are Cottage Tents overall with African Touch.
Be it a Safari or a stay at some resort, African Tents are always up for a unique experience.

African Tents in India: Are they worth it?

The wish of spending at least one small chunk of life in the desert is something most of us have in our bucket list (at least in one corner of our heart).
Now, if you are from India then Rajasthan is the name which comes to your mind when you hear the word, “Desert”. Thar desert of Rajasthan is not only famous for Indian tourists but a range of foreign Safari enthusiasts pay a visit to this place too. There are various packages and trip plans by a plethora of agencies based on this place. But, the best experience which everyone awaits eagerly is ” Camping in Thar”.
Though, being a desert area, camping enthusiasts use African Tents sometimes when they are out on Safari rather than their Mobile Tents. Well, some Mobile tents are also made with an Afro Touch. There are lanterns, fireplace, a bonfire in the middle much similar to how Africans do while camping. Also, the tent is made so to ignore the summer heat.
In India, places near Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaipur, etc can provide you with an African Experience of Camping.
Now is it worth to spend time in an African Tent?
Let me clear this thought. African Tents are a variant of Tents which can only impact your stay but not the tour. If the tour agency you have opted is well experienced then they will provide you with their best service and any type of tent will do.
But, why to choose African Tents?
It is so to gain the experience which ancient people do. Sometimes, heat in Rajasthan will be so much effective that it will be not very comfortable to stay in Mobile Tents. Before camping in Thar, your guide will tell you everything and here African tents come to the rescue.

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