Cottage Tents- The Royal Home For Tourists

Those days are gone when camping was considered as a trip in woods or some remote place and tying up a tent with a bed and essentials only. With the world moving so fast ahead, we are adapting the good side of Royal Maharajas and Senapatis who used to build their tents or pandals very luxurious. A king’s tent is ensured to have high level of safety, comfort, amenities and much more which can be added.
The real example of this can be drawn from emerging tour agents who are now giving you a complete Maharaja treatment provides best service in the whole country. The hospitality provided by them is unmatched but for that you need to pick the authentic ones.
Now why we are saying so much about the hospitality?
Well, it is not easy to provide top notch level of facilities in the scorching heat of desert especially for people who are vulnerable to change in climatic and geographical conditions. Cottage Tents have all special amenities required for people who are seeking luxurious and Royal facilities away from home. Though, it takes some time for resorts or travel agencies to built them and hence they are pre-located or built at a fixed place before your arrival.
Let us know more about Cottage Tents which can enhance your experience of camping to a next level.

What amenities do Cottage Tents have and how they are made?

Cottage tents are made with utmost care to ensure their quality. After all the amount which is to be paid for staying in a Cottage Tent is higher as compared to other facilities.
First a platform is made by joining bricks. The brick is laid by a mixture of mud and sand. It is now left to dry under the sun. Now around the platform, required number of holes are bored, all holes are filled with rod and those rods are stiffened by crushed rocks and bricks. A strong structure of Bamboo and Pipes are also bored upon the platform. They are then covered with a tough clothe which is then covered with Tarpaulin. Edges of these clothes are tied with rope and that rope is tied on all the rods below the platform.
Cottage Tents are filled with all those facilities which can provide you a comfortable experience. Some cottage tents are like a 5-star hotel suite. They will have a very beautiful linen over a very soft bed. The quilt are made to provide surplus comfort level. Also, the floor carpet is made by local cultural artists and is ensured to look beautiful. The lighting is ample and there is Air Condition in the room too. These tents are either provided with attached washroom or external bathroom depending upon the provider. Some Cottage Tents have a courtyard and a bedroom as well. Some also have additionals such as a Kitchen, Jacuzzi, etc. especially for people who have planned long stay or have specific demands. In fact, some cottage tents are made like real simplex cottages as well. There will be a swimming pool as well as lawn too. These facilities sometimes surpass the comfort and luxury provided by star rated hotels.

Which is Better: Cottage Tent or Star Hotel Suite?

Now, you must be in a real fix.
Like, what should you really opt for while you are out for camping? On one hand there are independent luxurious cottage tents while on the other there are Luxurious suites. It’s all set on individual preferences but let’s go for a proper analysis of both these facilities.

Let’s suppose the tour is of Rajasthan and we have to decide whether we have to go for a Hotel Suite or a Cottage Tent. Well, if your tour is majorly based on camping and Safari then it is always advised to stay in a camp and have the real feel of desert. But, if you landed in Rajasthan for a quick tour of the city then Hotels are better. Talking about the facilities provided by each of them, both Cottage Tents and Hotel Suites provide exceptionally well services. But some small things still differentiate both of them. Like, if you are staying in a Cottage house then you are getting sheer independence inside the tent and it anyhow keeps you close to nature. This is not in case of some Hotels, but every issue here is not too bad that it can’t be heard or too good that it can make you happy. So, whether it is a Hostel Suite or Cottage tent, which will be better completely depends upon the
Places in India with Cottage Tents

Mountain Camping at India

Himalayan Trekking or Camping is mostly famous in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is the most famous destination for Himalayan Camping and guess what? It has some really beautiful Cottage tents with lush green flooring of natural grass. The cool and calmness of the weather will fill you with eternal bliss and if you are staying in a beautiful tent house then it’s like the icing on a cake.

Beaches of India

If we are talking about Indian beaches and not including Goa then it will be big blunder. Goa is famous for some of the best Luxurious Cottage Tents in India. At Agonda beach, there are several cottages with good quality of service and commendable facilities. It feels really good to enjoy the cool sea breeze and forget all your stress.

Deserts of India

There is a long list when it comes to beautiful desert locations in India. And all the famous desert destinations are situated in Rajasthan. From Jaisalmer to Mount Abu, there are tent house available in almost every other famous place of Rajasthan. You can’t match the hospitality of Rajasthan tourism with any other tourism service in India. Even, the facilities inside Cottage Tent houses of Rajasthan are much better than some beautiful hotels. The complete Maharaja treatment awaits you in Rangeelo Rajasthan.

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