Desert Camping in Jaisalmer

Desert camping in Jaisalmer creates moments when people do different things to spend some instants of happiness from their hectic life. To carry out these activities, we look for a place that has all the means of entertainment with beautiful views of nature. With the passage of time, people have been making changes in their means of entertainment as well. The name of camping comes at the top in the means of entertainment. Camping is a way of tenting in a beautiful natural place away from home or the city. This way of living can be full of adventure as well as entertainment for you. 

It started in the 20th century, but gradually its craze among the people increased so much that today it has become the main means of pleasure tour. Camping has become a great way of spending leisure time for nature and adventure lovers. Desert camping in Jaisalmer makes the same opportunities to enjoy your beautiful moments of traveling.

Camping is of many types like Forest Camping, Snow Camping, and Desert Camping. If you want to see beautiful views of nature along with adventure, then you can do camping amongst the green forests. This camping is called ‘Forest Camping’. During this camping, you will see such a form of nature which you would not have even imagined. You can have great fun with your friends during Forest Camping.

And if you want to see the amazing view of snowfall, then you can do your camping around the mountain, river, and waterfall of any hill station. This type of camping is called ‘winter camping’ or ‘snow camping’. Seeing the snow-capped peaks can be fun as well as exciting for you.

Different from ‘forest camping’ and ‘snow camping’, ‘desert camping’ can be adventurous and exciting for you.

In desert camping, the camp is set up on a desert dune. Such camping is very famous in the Thar desert of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rajasthan is famous all over the world for its colorful civilization- culture, forts, palaces, and deserts. The beautiful cities of Rajasthan such as Jaisalmer, Jodhpur,  Pushkar, and Bikaner are ideal places for desert camping in winter vacation.

Jaisalmer tops the list of desert camping spots among all these cities. Jaisalmer is popular for its golden sands. And camping in this golden desert will be a completely new and different feeling for you. A large number of tourists come from not only India but also from abroad to do Golden Desert Camping in this city.

What Can Be Done During Desert Camping in Jaisalmer

Every year during the winter season, desert camping is organized on a large scale to showcase the magical beauty of the Thar Desert. In this camping, you can enjoy the multi-faceted culture of Rajasthan, folk songs, splendid dance, melodious music, handicrafts, and delicious cuisine, camel ride, etc. You can’t imagine how much fun you will have during camping.

Camel Ride

One of the fun activities during this camping trip is the camel ride. If you come here and don’t do a camel ride, then your trip to Jaisalmer will be called incomplete. The pleasure of watching the entire desert sea during camel riding in the morning or evening will leave you spellbound.

Dune Safari

Dune Safari adds twice pleasure moments to your trip when doing Jaisalmer Desert Camping. The curiosity about this safari is increasing among the tourists. This safari can be an adventure for you too. Through this safari, you can learn about Jaisalmer’s local culture and civilization.

Horse Riding

You must have enjoyed horse riding on flat ground but have you thought of fun, riding a horse on the sand. Nothing to worry about, The Golden Camp gives you the facilities of royal horse riding on the sand. This royal horse ride will introduce you to the pages of the glorious history of Jaisalmer.

Quad Bike Safari

Apart from camel and horse safaris, a quad bike safari is the first choice of youth. This safari is thrilling for adventurers while enjoying the desert camping in Jaisalmer. You will feel like a hero when you ride on this four-wheeler bike. Along with riding on this bike, you can also click the best photos.


If you are an expert in doing adventure activities or you want to do adventurous activities then parasailing can be the perfect recreational ride for you. Golden Camp gives you the best and safest facility for parasailing. You will feel like you are diving like a bird in the sky without any obstacles. This experience will always be memorable for you.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

In the modern era, the trend of pre-wedding shoots has increased a lot. In a pre-wedding shoot, photos or videos of the bride and groom are shot at a beautiful location before the wedding. For this photo or video shoot, both the photographer and the couple are looking for a place where this shoot can be easily done with a beautiful location. Golden Desert Comp provides you all these facilities at very affordable rates. It provides attractive decorations and breathtaking services to make your pre-wedding shoot splendid.


When the first ray of sun falls on this desert, this lifeless and dry desert becomes alive. Seeing this sight, it seems as if a sheet of golden sand has been spread all around. You can get a good view of this beautiful sunrise scene with the help of Desert Camping in Jaisalmer. This time is considered to be the best for photography, you can capture those moments in your photography, which a good photographer looks for. You can have a great time of your life here, and take a box of many memories with you.

Arabian Nights

Golden Camp is a great place to stay in the camp as well as spend the night on the Golden Desert arranges the ‘Arabian Nights. You must have heard many fictional stories of the Arabian Nights, in which you will have to know about the luxurious living and magical world of the Arabian kings. In this story, the beautifully carved palaces, mansions of Aladdin as it is told about the lamp, etc. These stories are fictitious but what brings these stories alive is Jaisalmer’s royal living, artifacts, carved palaces, and splendid mansions. The Golden Camp lets you spend the night on the golden sands in the open sky just like the royal Arabian Nights.

African Tent

As soon as the name of the African tent comes, people must have thought of luxury tents in their minds. This thinking of the people is also correct in many ways. African Tent gives you all the comforts that a great hotel offers. Just like that, Golden Desert Camp gives you all the luxuries of an African tent house. The African Tent offers you 2 connected furnished rooms, plush beds, and a common lobby, a stylish washroom with a shower, a corridor, etc. In a way, this camp gives you absolute royalty during desert camping in Jaisalmer.

Cultural Program

After serving delicious Rajasthani food in the evening at Golden Desert Camp Jaisalmer, this colorful program begins. The funniest aspect of this camp is the cultural program here. The beauty of the Desert Camp speaks to the cultural program here. This program is organized in the light of the moon after dusk. This cultural program organized on the moonlight and golden sand dunes speaks well of the culture and civilization of Rajasthan. Traditional songs, Ghoomar and Kalbelia dances, colorful costumes, puppet games, exquisite handicrafts, etc. are organized in this program.

If you want to see the scale of the beauty of Jaisalmer, then you must visit the Golden Desert Camping in Jaisalmer once.

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