Jaisalmer City – Famous for Desert Camps and Safari’s

The biggest centre of attraction for all tourists visiting Jaisalmer is the Jaisalmer Fort. The reason why this place is so much admired by the people is its location. Located in the vicinity of the beautiful and golden landscape of the Thar desert, Sonar Quila or the Golden Fort is called so because of the look which it displays due to the magnificent aura. Well, it’s not only Jaisalmer Fort which is admired by the tourists. The Sam Sand Dunes where the beautiful Golden Camp is located is also the most visited place by tourists as it is an authentic desert dune site in India. The Safari, desert sports, beautiful stays and delicious delicacies at the place with an all-round vibe is all which can drain your stress and inflate you with sheer happiness and joy. Now, Jaisalmer is not all about land and desert. It’s also has a very beautiful lake. The Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer is a place which can give you peace and tranquillity. People even prefer visiting here and sit relaxed avoiding the chaos of the world, relaxing, meditating and finding themselves when they feel lost. Someone, might suggest you visit the Desert National Park and you will pop up with a thought, “why should I view animals when I came all the way to visit Rajasthan and enjoy its Royalty?”

Some Best Places in Jaisalmer

This interrogation thought will suddenly turn into an excited one when you will get to know the fact that, Desert National Park is a place which will let you understand and analyse the fact that how animals and plants survive due to the arid nature of the scorching Thar Desert. It’s a complete natural exhibition of life existing in The Thar Region. Also, it’s not that Jaisalmer doesn’t have beautiful architectural marvels.    Well with the very tasty delicacies to beautiful souvenirs(mirror work, fossil stones), Jaisalmer drags you to a world that is unique in its way. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your backs and “Padhaaro Mhaare Desh”.

The land of Maharajas awaits you with it’s rich and royal cultural heritage. Jaisalmer which is named after Shri Maharaja Jaisal Singh encloses several mysteries and unheard stories of the past. This city is a world on its own, a world which acts as a bridge between the modern and the ancient era of Royal Kings. Let’s know what Jaisalmer can offer you once you visit this place.


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