Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs is known for its rich and Royal cultural heritage. The deep history of Kings and their Kingdoms make Rajasthan a place where you can hypothetically travel back in time and enjoy a King’s life. Now, for enhancing the Royal experience it will be an injustice if we don’t include the most royal animal called Horse. Yes! Horse Riding is the most enjoyed activity in Golden Camp, Jaisalmer. From fresh foreigners from a far land to our beloved Indian tourists, everyone gives a shot to the Horse riding activity. Even for Safaris or short tours, Horse riding is preferred.

The horse provided here will be of Royal Marwari Breed emerging from the long chain of royal ancient horses who have been an integral part of the Royal Rajputs. Be it a first time or a veteran horse rider, you can enjoy the experience with lots of thrill. Some guides and assistants will help you out if you are a fresher to manage the horse throughout your ride. The serene exploration just like the way ancient Rajputs used to do is worth experiencing with colours of true Rajasthan emerging out. That’s why the reason why it is called “Rangeelo Rajasthan” all over India. The tradition and rich culture celebrate Marwari horses as the sacred animals of the place. Also, enjoying a Safari on it’s back is a mark of sheer Royal culture.

There are lots of places in Rajasthan where horse riding is carried out. Jaisalmer which is the most visited place that brings people from all corners of the world. Some people even prefer horse riding as their daily commute to roam around the desert as well as the market. It completely shows how ancient and current people are attached with horses since the beginning till now.

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" Complete Your Desert Tour With Horse Riding"


There is no place in the entire desert area of Rajasthan which can bring you so close to dunes and serve you the life of Kings in this modern era. The Golden Camp consists of Royal class of hospitality and ambience which makes you feel like you are living in the world of Kingdoms. With it’s a wide variety of tents named Swiss Tents, African Tents, Mobile Tents as well as Luxurious Cottage Tents your stay will be very much blended to the rich Rajasthani Heritage. The itineraries surpassing your imagination gives rise to the standard of tent staying in India. Also, the activities and the delicacies offered by The Golden Camp at a very nominal and affordable rate is an added boost to ones who are planning a budget trip and want to deduce most out of it. The Golden Camp is overall the best blend of great location and safe location located very close to the picturesque locations of Jaisalmer.


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