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A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete if you are not visiting the desert area and enjoying a safari. Also, if you are not taking essence of the core life of desert, like how people in old age used to spend their day in the middle of desert? then the real thrill is still left to explore. Imagine staying in the middle of the desert with a tiny tent to sleep, a beautiful bonfire and no disturbing technology hindrance of the modern era. Yes enjoying the safari is very fascinating but how about staying in such a place from where you can view the clear sky and have a blissful beginning in the morning with Jaisalmer’s beautiful sunrise? Sounds great right? But what about the doubts you have in your mind regarding such a stay? Let’s clear it out completely.

Well, the first and foremost doubt in anyone’s mind will be regarding safety. And it is pretty obvious to stay in doubt if you are planning to stay overnight in deserts. Well, the private sand dunes which are owned by The Golden Camp is the safest mobile tents facility provided in Jaisalmer. You don’t have to worry about the safety at all. Also the hospitality provided in Rajasthan is famous worldwide. Mobile tents at Golden Camp can provide you with the authentic aura of desert life. Even for lighting and stuff, there is use of traditional methods. The mobile tents contain really comfortable beds inside a very tiny tent. Be it a couple or a group of 10-20 or more people, living in mobile tents can prove out to be very romantic as well as very thrilling at the same time. The best part is the open nature of these types of accommodation. Most people love lying on their bed and gazing at the stars by popping their head out of the tent. Also, the food served and eaten at these places give a very unique touch to your Royal tour.

The best advantage of staying at a private dune inside a mobile tent is the view which can’t be better for any other accommodation. Even not possible on heighted hotel rooms. The mobile tents are actually dust free and are made so to avoid the direct or indirect flow of sand in your tent. Also, the mobile tent has proper ventilation despite being packed from all sides. The bedding provided inside is of good quality and is way softer. These tents cam sustain cold winds as well and to keep the surroundings warm and safe, there are bonfires and lamps all around. Since the accommodation is provided by the Golden Camp, there are no such external efforts you need to make if you are living in your mobile tent. Just keep our hosts updated with your needs and they will be very happy to serve you. Overall, we advise you to give a shot to stay in mobile tents if you are a person who loves adventures a lot.

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"Experience the gypsy life in Mobile Tents"


There is no place in the entire desert area of Rajasthan which can bring you so close to dunes and serve you the life of Kings in this modern era. The Golden Camp consists of Royal class of hospitality and ambience which makes you feel like you are living in the world of Kingdoms. With it’s a wide variety of tents named Swiss Tents, African Tents, Mobile Tents as well as Luxurious Cottage Tents your stay will be very much blended to the rich Rajasthani Heritage. The itineraries surpassing your imagination gives rise to the standard of tent staying in India. Also, the activities and the delicacies offered by The Golden Camp at a very nominal and affordable rate is an added boost to ones who are planning a budget trip and want to deduce most out of it. The Golden Camp is overall the best blend of great location and safe location located very close to the picturesque locations of Jaisalmer.


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