Mobile Tents

The fastest way of building shelter while on a trip.
Once in a lifetime, everyone has the dream of touring outside at those places which are much better than the hustle-bustle of our daily life. The struggle to maintain ourselves in the outside world drains us quickly and we always are in search of break whenever we get exhausted. The comeback we do after returning from breaks completely depends upon the kind of break we have taken. Like, if it rejuvenates or refreshes our inner self then voila! you will do a very strong comeback to work. Tours are done for this purpose only.
But, in remote places, it’s very tough to arrange a trip. Like, there is always so much concern related to safety, food and shelter.

Wait, what? Shelter?
This wasn’t a concern even at the time of ancient people as tents were always up for our rescue.

But wait, why on earth someone will dig a hole, place strong rods in it and tie a complete tent?
Come on, that’s very time consuming and nobody is up to do that thing when they are on a trip. People are out for enjoying the scenic view not for preparing tents everywhere, that’s very time consuming and takes effort.

Oh, come on! Haven’t you heard about Mobile Tents? Please come out from the old-time when a small tent used to mean a complete tying up of clothes, bamboos or rods and making a shelter for 2-3 hours. At least you must have seen in movies or wildlife shows when people inside the show live in a tent which looks very stylish and compact. Those tents are Mobile Tents. Let’s know more about this small and quick technique of building a shelter on a trip.

What is exactly a Mobile Tent?
A Mobile Tent is a very compact and portable type of tent used in camping. It provides instant shelter to tourists no matter what is the place. Mobile Tents come in various variants like waterproof, winter tents, heatproof and even scratchproof in some cases. These tents are also used by army officers who are posted in mountain, desert, snow or remote areas. Now talking about the size, a mobile tent can be as small as just accomodating one sleeping person to allowing 5-7 people inside. It will take around 5-10 minutes to set up a mobile tent depending on its size. Various people who just need accommodation and not much luxury, opt for Mobile Tents. Also, it is easy to carry to different places due to the easy nature of portability. Some mobile Tents are foldable

Mobile Tent over other Tents
There are lots of type of tents in the market. Some are filled with loads of amenities while some are built for instant setup and removal. While you are out for a hardcore camping. Like, in some desert area, snowy area or somewhere in a mountain range. At these places, it is always beneficial to keep a Mobile Tent. A wise man should never carry loads of luggage with him while on a trek or going for camp in such remote areas. It is better to have a foldable tent wrapped or folded very well so that it will avoid over bulkiness and will provide a smooth tour. Huge tents on other hand have various parts which needed to be carried. Like for the structure, there must be bamboo/rod/pipe. Additionally, there must be strong and tough clothe (which will be the walls of the tent), Screws and Fastenings (for fixing the clothe and the structure well together), Strong tools for boring hole on the ground and lots of other stuff.
And, what do you need for a portable Mobile Tent?
Just fold it and take it with you, clean the floor and open it wherever you want and tada!!!
your shelter is prepared.
The best part is the accessibility which Mobile Tent provides you. Well, it is advised that you must follow your guide’s words but suppose if you want to set up a tent at a place from where the sun is visible. All of a sudden at night, you are feeling too cold due to the direction of the wind and you want to change the orientation of your tent. That’s when a Mobile tent comes to rescue. Also, if you are up for a long your, for example, suppose in Thar desert. Then you need to have a quick method for building and removal of tents to waste more time in it.

Some Interesting Camping Locations where it is better to use Mobile Tents.

Camping in Desert

The Thar desert in Rajasthan is one of the most visited places in India for people who want an adventure out of life. Be it, domestic Tourists or International tourists, everyone loves enjoying the scenic combo of sand and sky. Imagine in a night, when the starry sky is visible and you are sleeping under it. This is something very rare to experience and in remote areas, for Safari it is better to have a Mobile Tent.

Camping in Tropical Areas

The northeastern region of India is full of beautiful places and people love spending time there. Though, nobody wants to spend time in just a single place and wants to explore the complete during camping. Hence, for that, it is better to opt for Mobile Tents. Also, imagine your tiny tent jus besides a waterfall from where you can enjoy the view very well. Sound so soothing Right?

Camping or Trekking in Mountain Areas

Well, most of us want to spend some time on the lap of mountain ranges like Aravali, Sahyadri and the most famous Himalayas. Travelling to these places with the itinerary which is full of exploration requires so much mobility. For this, if your shelter eats up most of your time, when will you enjoy?
Hence, for this, it is very important to keep Mobile Tent with you. And what if you suddenly at Night you want to fix your tent a bit away from your snoring tour mates.

Overall, mobile Tents are a better method to have a compact and mobile shelter which can make your camping a smooth one.

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