Pre Wedding in Jaisalmer

Laying inception of your new life in the Golden City.
One of the happiest moments in any person’s life is the moment when they finally find that someone special with whom they will be spending their entire life together. That’s a very important milestone in anyone’s life after all. Well, it is practically said that marriage starts after all these rituals, but it starts the moment you agree for it. And definitely, there are all those pre-marriage rituals too. At that time, only everything is supposed to be started. After all, it’s the time when you should start building your memories which will be cherished for your whole life ahead.
What place on earth would be better to kick-start the journey of your life than in India?
Yes! Yes! India is very vast and there are lots of famous destinations in India for weddings and auspicious events.
But, what if you get to start your new life with the Golden purity of Jaisalmer? Yes, gold is pure and so is Jaisalmer’s Golden sand. It is no doubt the purest place on earth to lay the stepping stone of your new life in Rajasthan’s most visited place, especially for Safari.
Even for marriages, this place is not less than heaven surrounded with that shining sand from all sides. Let’s know how a “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer” will look like for you.
At the end of this article, we have mentioned the best ideas for making your “Pre-wedding Jaisalmer” just like your dreams. So, stay tuned and drag your eyes throughout till the end.

1. Why only “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer”? Why not some other city?
2. Jaisalmer Fort
3. Salim Singh Haveli
4. Gadsisar Lake
5. Sand Dunes
6. Nathmal ki Haveli
7. Best Ideas for Pre-Wedding

Why only Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer?
Why not some other city?

Yes, it’s better to start with this question because you must be wondering why only Jaisalmer. Is just because this place is under UNESCO’s world heritage tag? Well, this might be one of the reasons but isn’t the only reason at all. There are umpteen destinations throughout India where pre-wedding activities are carried out. But Jaisalmer has got upper hand just because of its unmatched beauty. It’s about the colour, Jaisalmer has got the best colour of sand on earth. The golden sand and those historical heritages can make every moment look so royal that it will take you back to the ancient time and will resemble the royal marriages which kings used to have with great pomp.

Let’s talk about the best places which can be included in your “Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer”.

Jaisalmer Fort
Be it pre-wedding event or any other tour to Jaisalmer, without visiting Jaisalmer Fort, it will be incomplete. This huge sandcastle will take you back to the Rajputana age. While having a pre-wedding shoot at this place it will become as a reminiscent of the Royal age. This huge architecture holds very unheard secrets and mysteries of the desert.

Salim-Singh Haveli
The way this beautiful architectural palace has been made is very breathtaking. This fort slopes very close to Jaisalmer Fort. With over 38 galleries in Salim-Singh Haveli, it will be a bonus if you get your Pre-Wedding covered here. The most amazing thing about this palace is its rooftop. It is designed in the shape of a peacock.

Gadsisar Lake
Water and desert, what else can be a better combination to add a serene touch to your Pre-Wedding life?
Jaisalmer’s Gadsisar Lake is a very romantic place for couples. The lake is always full of water coming from the Indira Gandhi Canal. At night, this place looks very beautiful with the dark reflection of water and golden sand.

Sand Dunes
Those very beautiful dunes which are about 42 kilometres away from the Fort City of Jaisalmer. With the clear blue sky and golden desert in the background, it will be a better colour contrast for photographs and will be a very good place to have some time away from the hustle-bustle of the main city.

Nathmal ki Haveli
This remarkable architecture which soaks the blend of Islamic and Rajput designs, Nathmal ki Haveli is a complete romantic and historical package for couples. On its 1st floor, it is said that there are paintings which are made from 1.5 kilograms of gold leaf. At this place, you can get lots of photographs captured and in a very Royal fashion. This will drag you and your better half to the older grand and royal days.

Now, as we have said above that we will be providing you with some really interesting ideas to make your Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer a dream like a moment. So, let’s get started-

Theme Parties
In Jaisalmer, there is the certainty of having a Royal Themed party.
But have you ever tried blending the Royal Theme to Modern Swag?
Yes, Royal-Swag fusion is something where the theme can be a mix of some royal decency and modern fun.

A Family Prom Night
If you are travelling to Jaisalmer for your Pre-Wedding you may travel with your family. It is better to wind up your entire family and join them in your fun by letting a prom night happen. Even you can modify the Prom with various themed dress codes.

A Bachelorette Night at Sand Dunes
The cool sand, open starry night, crescent moon, lip-smacking delicacies, complete dance and fun with your pals. A bachelorette on the golden sand, covered in the dark blue sky will take the experience at the next level. All those events which you would have organised in the city if organised at the dunes will hit differently and will be very unique and pleasing.

Overall, it is better to have all things set for Pre-Wedding Jaisalmer by consulting some good travel agency or some well known local person. Inviting glitches in your first ever life-event together will be a very upsetting thing. There are lots of planners and tourism experts who will help you throughout the entire preparations by their impeccable service.

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