Riding on a Quad Bike with a pillion rider might be your better half or a friend of yours, whoever is travelling with you or only you alone. Yes, the same Quad bikes which you must have seen in various song albums and movies. Quad Bikes provide the best of touring possible throughout the desert of Rajasthan. Riding on the best trails and enjoying Dune Bashing is something where you will be at the top of thrill. Now without any point of contention, Jaisalmer is the best place to have Quad Bike rides and enjoy Dune Bashing. The best plan to explore desert will be to stay at the Golden Camp of Jaisalmer and enjoy the Dune Bashing provided by Life in India Holiday. The camp is situated in Jaisalmer’s Sam Village and the entire desert exploring and desert sports are enjoyed there. The Sam Village, Jaisalmer is specifically made for tourists to enjoy a tour in dunes.

It is more adventurous and thrilling when you ride on it in real. The humming sound of the Quad Bike Engine and the enthralling lows and ups of the desert will fill give you an amazing experience. Generally, people say that Quad Biking is a sport mainly enjoyed by men. Just because men are very frequent riders. But, here you can ride the Quad Bike no matter what you are well experienced in Bike Riding or not.

Well, there are well-trained volunteers available in Sam Village who will be guiding you throughout the entire Dune Bashing from very basics to the end. From starting the Quad Bike to riding it with what speed limit everything will be taught in Sam Village. There is the availability of lots of Quad Bikes and stays in Sam Village but is advised to plan and pre-book your tour.

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There is no place in the entire desert area of Rajasthan which can bring you so close to dunes and serve you the life of Kings in this modern era. The Golden Camp consists of Royal class of hospitality and ambience which makes you feel like you are living in the world of Kingdoms. With it’s a wide variety of tents named Swiss Tents, African Tents, Mobile Tents as well as Luxurious Cottage Tents your stay will be very much blended to the rich Rajasthani Heritage. The itineraries surpassing your imagination gives rise to the standard of tent staying in India. Also, the activities and the delicacies offered by The Golden Camp at a very nominal and affordable rate is an added boost to ones who are planning a budget trip and want to deduce most out of it. The Golden Camp is overall the best blend of great location and safe location located very close to the picturesque locations of Jaisalmer.


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