What Words Must Be Hyphenated?

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Notice how I stated it would be OK, and I didn’t use any sturdy words like “must hyphenate” or “should hyphenate”? Although there are a few hard-and-fast rules for utilizing hyphens, there are just too many exceptions to name everything referring to hyphens a rule. Prefixes that lead to a doubled consonant are typically closed in Chicago style. But if you’re writing for a non-US viewers, a hyphen could also be appropriate. Writers and editors can’t afford to lookup each single word they read; that may take too long.

No, I am completely not suggesting that you just try to really create your own words. You’re not Shakespeare (Joe here. Unlike Liz, I do counsel you create your own words). What I am suggesting is that you simply make use of the em dash‘s more common cousin, the hyphen. First attempt looking up the compound in a dictionary.

We have Johannes Gutenberg to thank for the fashionable version of the hyphen. When setting his famous Bible, his tools wouldn’t let him embrace the hyphen under letters, so he moved it up to the center of the road . Learn tips on how to correctly use hyphens with compound adjectives, and extra. And we would be remiss if we didn’t notice that phrases fashioned with prefixes are extra likely to be hyphenated in British English than in American English. For instance, nonevent, the standard US spelling, becomes non-event within the UK, and British usage also requires re-enact and re-enter. Writers and editors working with British English can seek the assistance of the Oxford English Dictionary or the UK spellings in Lexico, amongst different resources.

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If the paragraph is about to full justification, a single word on a line may appear to be too stretched out. Instead of leaving such phrases fully justified, you presumably can center them or align them to the left or proper margins. By using nonbreaking hyphens, you possibly can forestall sure phrases from breaking at all—for instance, correct names or phrases which, when broken, turn into unattractive fragments.

A government-monitoring program is a program that displays the federal government, whereas a authorities monitoring program is a authorities program that displays one thing else. This part probably contains original analysis. Almost nothing on this part is tied to dependable sources, and there’s a nice deal of prescriptivist punditry about “codification” of assorted “guidelines”. Except where in any other case noted, content material on this site is licensed beneath a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike three.0 Unported License. Savannah Blackwell is a former news reporter who lined authorities and politics http://astrosophycenter.com/ongoingstudies-blog/2016/3/17/g in San Francisco for more than a decade and is now Of Counsel at Renne Public Law Group. She could be reached at Follow her on Twitter at @SavannahBinSF.

We invite you to share your research with the neighborhood by posting it online as a preprint. Whenever attainable, keep away from beginning the last line of a paragraph or the first line of a column with a broken word. For a comprehensive guide to Chicago’s hyphenation coverage, consult the Chicago Manual of Style hyphenation desk in section 7.59. It’s about putting the phrases collectively to the touch, to entertain, to maneuver the reader.

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