Why Swiss Luxury tents are better than hotel suites

You might have travelled at least once for some family picnic tour or excursion. Or, maybe you have travelled to a remote place for a tour with your friends. There are various options for lodging and boarding available. And, that matters a lot. Like, you will always love to stay at that place where everything is just unique and new. Isn’t it? See, hotel rooms are becoming quite common nowadays and camping is the new trend(though it was also trendy in old times). Now, you must be wondering why and how camping is better than Hotel Suites? Like, come on camping is done at those places where rooms are not available. But, my dear that’s not the case. Camping nowadays is not for only those places where hotel rooms can’t be made. Also, forget camping as an emergency service. It has the potential to be a safe and luxurious method like hotels too.

Now, which kind of tents are so luxurious that they are being compared with Hotel Suites?
How are they made?
How does the interior look like?
What is the credibility of having a safe stay in it?

Relax, my friend we’ll be decoding every other point of contention in your mind to make you aware of the golden opportunity you have been missing.

1. King of Luxurious Tents: The Swiss Luxurious Tent
2. How a Swiss Luxurious Tent looks like?
3. Best Camping Locations of Rajasthan where Swiss Luxurious Tents can feel like a dream.

King of Luxurious Tents: The Swiss Luxurious Tent

The name “Swiss” might have brought some foreign appeal to your mind. But without misleading you into something else and bragging with the name, let us tell you the truth. Swiss Luxurious Tents were made for VIPs and aristocrats with top-notch facilities and luxury provided. The tent material is easily made in India and they are prepared with utmost care to ensure your safety.
Swiss tents nowadays are best designed and provided for a stay in different famous tourist spots of Rajasthan. Also, it is available in some other famous tourist destinations of the country.

How a Swiss Luxurious Tent looks like?
A Swiss Luxurious Tent is not less than a very luxurious hotel suite provided to you. It will include a master bedroom, a courtyard and of course the much-needed washrooms.
Some, very luxurious features include an open kitchen, spa and other additional features. The interior is so designed that it will give you a complete suite-like experience. Walls of these tents are made so that they will ensure much safety. Also, there are curated windows in some tents to provide proper ventilation. The best part of these tents is that it can be formed anywhere on any surface on which you can make holes. Like, the flooring of your Swiss tent could be a lush green floor or it can be covered with carpets as well. The best part is the modification provided by some agencies. In some tents, you will be also provided with Jacuzzi and Spa. An open kitchen facility is also something which is provided by the agencies and people crave for it. Various resorts also have both the options like having a Tent as well as a room. But, trust me it is better to enjoy a unique and luxurious stay in Swiss Luxurious Tents rather than the room which you will get to live at other locations.

Best Camping Locations of Rajasthan where Swiss Luxurious Tents can feel like a dream

Rajasthan is no doubt the most beautiful place in India when it comes to Tours. The beautiful desert presents one of the best landscapes for you. For experiencing life in remote deserts of Rajasthan is a rare experience which one must gather. There are various locations stretched over entire Rajasthan where you can enjoy camping offered by some expert agencies.

Let us look at the best locations of Rajasthan where you can enjoy the facility of Swiss Luxurious Tents.

Camping Near Bikaner
You must have been watching scenic villages of Rajasthan in lots of movies or series. It is very rare to live in such villages where the outdoor experience is full of desert. Now, a well-raised Swiss Luxurious Tent at this location will be a great experience.
Enjoy the lifestyle of the Rajasthani tribes in Saranda while you are enjoying at this camp.

Night Camping at Ranthambore National Park
Living at a place which is surrounded by the wildlife of desert will be an awesome experience. This will be one of the most unexpected things in your life. While you will be staying in your safe Swiss Luxurious Tents in the night you might get to see some rarest species at night. Also, during the day you will be able to see some species which you haven’t seen ever. Also, during the day you can enjoy Safari to spot some rare birds of the desert. Camping amidst a hill range like Aravalli and waking up to the rising sun behind the hills is something which would fill your mind with positivity.
It is very much possible to raise a Swiss Luxurious Tent here with all the needed facilities. Utmost care is taken for the tourists and the tent is so well designed that it will take care of the heat and dryness of Rajasthan. So, without a point of contention, you can have a good experience here.

Night Camping in Udaipur
When you want to enjoy the most luxurious, royal and lavishing lifestyle amid the desert of Rajasthan then Udaipur is the best location. Here you can experience the life of Rajas and Maharajas with the same level of royalty they used to receive. The Swiss Luxurious Tents provide you with amenities which can fulfil the absence of modern-day technology and fill you with some very interesting experience. The delicacies and deserts presented in Royal style will add some great advantage to your trip. You can enjoy the trip to the desert with a Jeep to raise the adventure to the next level. Since Udaipur is one of the most visited locations of Rajasthan the facilities provided at the Swiss Luxurious Tents here are the best.

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