Executive Cottage Tents

Executive Cottage Tents in Jaisalmer

Deserts are very beautiful but it is very tough to have a very comfortable and luxurious stay around the desert area.
So you might be thinking that it is impossible to stay with exquisite facilities in the middle of a desert. People generally believe that the well-built hotels are better whereas tent houses invite discomfort. But have you ever seen an Executive Cottage In Jaisalmer in the desert?
The Executive tent houses are known as the best tent houses in the desert ever. As the name suggests they are made by keeping in mind the hosts which are in search of some extraordinary facilities. These tent houses are proved to be above par than the hotel suites provided in a very famous hotel you must be knowing. The well designed and structured interior with unmatched hospitality of The Golden Camp is something worth staying in your memories.
The Executive cottage tents in the Golden Camp consists of a master bedroom which comprises a very comfortable bed which is designed like the beds which royal people used to have in their rooms. Every furniture inside the room is made from good quality wood. It will not only give you a royal ancient feel but also will provide you with a complete aesthetic feel. Well, now you must be wondering about the fact that how you will deal with the heat while staying in the desert?
Well, we know that and for that our Executive cottage tents are very well equipped with an Air Condition system. The entire cottage is fully air-conditioned and well equipped with things to make the stay comfortable even for those who are a first-timer. Our executive cottages also have a lobby with wooden sofa and proper vintage furniture to have a calm time. Also, with the special windows in our tent houses, you can have a look at the famous rising-sun view of Jaisalmer. Also despite these features, there is one thing which makes our Executive Cottage tents even better than hotel suites. And that surprise element is the baby pool which is also situated inside our Executive cottage tent. Yes, there is also a baby pool right inside the pool where you can chill yourself. The pool is filled with clean water and is well designed by keeping your comfort in mind. In ancient times, the kings used to have hand-crafted furniture for their usage. Similarly, all the furniture inside our executive cottages are hand made and are made of vintage design. We also have world-class washrooms inside our Executive Cottages with the top level of hygiene. There is the continuous availability of hot and cold water in our washrooms.
Overall our Executive rooms have all the facilities which can give you the feeling of a king as well as the feeling of an aristocrat. And do not worry about the hospitality at the Golden Camp. As the tradition of Rajasthan teaches, “Guests are God”. Same goes with our team of hosts who are eagerly waiting to welcome you at the Royal Jaisalmer.

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There is no place in the entire desert area of Rajasthan which can bring you so close to dunes and serve you the life of Kings in this modern era. The Golden Camp consists of Royal class of hospitality and ambience which makes you feel like you are living in the world of Kingdoms. With it’s a wide variety of tents named Swiss Tents, African Tents, Mobile Tents as well as Luxurious Cottage Tents your stay will be very much blended to the rich Rajasthani Heritage. The itineraries surpassing your imagination gives rise to the standard of tent staying in India. Also, the activities and the delicacies offered by The Golden Camp at a very nominal and affordable rate is an added boost to ones who are planning a budget trip and want to deduce most out of it. The Golden Camp is overall the best blend of great location and safe location located very close to the picturesque locations of Jaisalmer.


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