Swiss Luxury Tents

Swiss Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer

Okay, you might have heard about tent houses and tent stays at some resorts in India. But one thing must have surely surprised you a bit and that is what exactly is a “Swiss Tent”? You must have been wondering why Swiss Luxurious tents are so highlighted especially for staying in your visit to Rajasthan. Well, you will be surprised to know that even in Jaisalmer the Swiss Luxury Tent is made by keeping in mind every single requirement of these tents. In the past time, various aristocrats were offered a Swiss tent comprising of a master bedroom, a washroom and even an additional gallery sometimes. These tents were also known as “Royal Cottage Tent” and the hospitality offered in them used to be the of the top-notch level. 

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, the facilities have also raised their level. Now, you will be able to get the best of hospitality and facilities around Rajasthan infused into a tent house. In Swiss Luxury Tents at the golden camp, the canvas is made of cotton which is ensured to be weatherproof hence reducing the chances of the heat of desert days and coolness of the desert nights. It will be equipped with roll-up windows which can be closed and rolled up to enjoy the beautiful desert view from inside of the tent also. Also, the design is made so to ensure an ample amount of space inside the tent house. The hospitality and the delicacies which you must be received in Swiss Luxury Tents at the Golden Camp will be just as beautiful and delicious as the icing on the cake. Well, talking about the safety concern the Golden Camp has the best security facilities and utmost care of visitors is the top priority. The entire people who will be hosting you for your memorable stay are sure to impress you with their warm hospitality. Now, what are you waiting for?Pack your backs and drop in to enjoy the Royal tour at the Golden Camp Jaisalme

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There is no place in the entire desert area of Rajasthan which can bring you so close to dunes and serve you the life of Kings in this modern era. The Golden Camp consists of Royal class of hospitality and ambience which makes you feel like you are living in the world of Kingdoms. With it’s a wide variety of tents named Swiss Tents, African Tents, Mobile Tents as well as Luxurious Cottage Tents your stay will be very much blended to the rich Rajasthani Heritage. The itineraries surpassing your imagination gives rise to the standard of tent staying in India. Also, the activities and the delicacies offered by The Golden Camp at a very nominal and affordable rate is an added boost to ones who are planning a budget trip and want to deduce most out of it. The Golden Camp is overall the best blend of great location and safe location located very close to the picturesque locations of Jaisalmer.


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